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FactSet 02)6333-2141
Great Wisdom 02)6333-2196
Smart Consensus 02)6333-2131
ValueWise 02)6333-2164
Insider 02)6333-2125
WiseReport 02)6333-2196
WISE Q 02)6333-2143
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DataFeed 02)6333-2131
Index Providing 02)6333-2143
Corporate Valuation System 02)6333-2164
DB Wise 02)6333-2129
WorkWise 02)6333-2120
VM, DB, WF 02)6333-2120
Quantiwise 02)6333-2181/2119/2185
기타서비스 02)6333-2114
Mobile App Service
  • Easy to use
    - Able to use in Android / iPhone
    - ICON helps to go to the desired menu
    - Easy to realize Nevigation using smart phone function
  • Providing WiseReport core content
    - Providing prompt update service that enables to check reports of securities in real-time
    - Top 10 Report categorizing market interested
    - Proper target price / EPS Up, Down Report
    - Corporate invetment opinion, Industry investment Opinion upgrade, downgrade
  • Maximizing compatibility with WebService
    - Recomposite the contents specialized in Mobile Service
    - Applying in mobile as main functions in WiseReport Web service
    - Composing page of focusing on fast movement of the list
  • Providing user convenient Function
    - Setting up corporation user interested
    - Setting up My Report
    - Providing company info, Screener linked service
Access method
  • iPhone App store / Android Market
  • Searching "WiseReport" in app market and download
  • Open WiseReport
Automatic notification about Interested Stock, Industry
  • As registering interested stock / industry, automatically notice on the phone
  • - Android :
    Receiving alarm, Icon shows in Android status screen 1
    As clicking 2 in status bar, move into "My Report"
    - iPhon :
    click notifications 3 on notification center, move into 'My Report'
Method to set up Interested Stock / Industry
  1. Open WiseReport, move into Environment Setting
  2. Set up interesting stock/ Industry
  3. Select interested stock / industry by Check box
    After selecting Report alarming check box, save settings
  4. Check 'My report"