Quantiwise 02)6333-2150
FactSet 02)6333-2141
Great Wisdom 02)6333-2196
Smart Consensus 02)6333-2131
ValueWise 02)6333-2164
Insider 02)6333-2125
WiseReport 02)6333-2196
WISE Q 02)6333-2143
Online & Mobile Company information 02)6333-2133
DataFeed 02)6333-2131
Index Providing 02)6333-2143
Corporate Valuation System 02)6333-2164
DB Wise 02)6333-2129
WorkWise 02)6333-2120
VM, DB, WF 02)6333-2120
Quantiwise 02)6333-2181/2119/2185
기타서비스 02)6333-2114
Organization & Executives

Cheol-Soon Lee , CEO

Researcher, Daewoo ERI
Research Head, Daewoo Securities
Head Inv Strategy, Woori Inv Securities

Young-Mook Chun , Exec Dir.

Executive Director of Strategic Marketing Division
Financial Information Services Division

DA Team, WISEfn
Marketing & Planning, WISEfn
Director, WISEfn

Yong-Jun Lee , Exec Dir.

IT Director of WISEfn
Director, Fin Business, Sorimachi
Manager, E-daily

Hong-Kyu Choi Dir.

Dir of WISEfn Financial Engineering Research Institute
Research, Hyundai ERI
Research, Coryo ITM
Portfolio Mgt. Cheil Fire Marine

Ki-Hyung Kim , Dir

Dir of WISEfn Financial Engineering Research Institute
Economic Trend Research, KIET
Researcher, Daewoo ERI
Research, Daewoo/ Kyobo/ Hyundai Securities

Jong-Kyung Yoon , Dir.

Dir of WISEfn WF/Infra/Technology Institute
Manager KCC Information & Comm.
On-line Business, Sejong Securities
Mobile Business, Daishin Inf. Comm

Se-Jin Kang , Dir.

Dir of VM Team, WISEfn
Research, Hanyang Securities
Audit Department, Zeroin